Product Description

Trailer Backplate KNOTT Style  250×40 (Weld On)

  • Knott Style for 250x40mm Brake shoes
  • 49mm dia. Back Plate Centre hole
  • Weld on(no bolt holes)



  • (1) 250×40 Knott Type Back Plate
  • (2) Half shells (one is welded on)

Suitable replacement for the following trailers:

Ifor Williams BIAB, BV6 Trailers
Ifor Williams Car Transporter Trailers CT136HD, CT166G, CT167G, CT177,

Ifor Williams DP120G, Eventa

Ifor Williams Plant Trailers  GH1054, GP6,
GP7, GX105HD, GX106, GX126,

Ifor Williams Horsebox Trailers HB510XL, HB610,

Iofr Williams Flatbed Trailers LM105GHD, LM85HD, LM6G/GB, LM7G,

Ifor Williams Livestock trailers TA5GHD, TA510G,

Ifor Williams Transporter Trailers Transporta, TT105G, TT3017, TT126G, TT3621,

Ifor Williams Tiltbed Trailers TB with 12’’wheels

and many more.