Product Description

Trailer Backplate KNOTT Style  200×50 (Weld On)

  • Knott Style for 200x50mm Brake shoes
  • 45mm dia. Back Plate Centre hole
  • Weld on (no bolt holes)


  • (1) 200×50 Knott style back plate
  • (2) Half shells (one is welded on)

Suitable Replacement for the following Trailers:

Ifor Williams BIAB L TRI, BV4 & 5, CT115, CT136SA, & CT136, Eurolight, EVENTA L TRI, GD4 & GD5 Range, GD6
(165R13 Wheels), GH64, GH94 & GH94BT, GP126 TRI, GP146 TRI, GX84, GX85 & GX105, GX126 TRI

Ifor Williams Horseboxes HB401, HB403, HB505, HB506, HB510, HB511
Ifor Willams Flatbed Trailers LT146GB, LM85G, LM105G & LM125G, LM126G,/TRI, LM14G/TRI, LM166G/TRI, LM186G/TRI, LM147G/TRI P0142 P0143, LM167G/TRI, LM187G/TRI

Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer TA5G 8’, TA510G 14’TRI, DP120G 12’ TRI, DP120G 14’ TRI

Ifor Williams Tiltbed TrailersTB5M & 5.5M TRI TB range with 10’’ wheels,

TT2515, P6B, P7B, P8B, Q6B, Q7B & Q8B

and many more.