Product Description

Widely used on Ifor Williams Trailers (P00873 / Knott 577005)
3 folds.
75mm diameter.
Made from PVC.
Adds protection to the drawtube by helping to prevent dust and dirt getting into the grease and bearing area.

Suitable replacement for the following trailers:

Ifor Williams Trailers

CT166, CT167,
CT177, DP range, GH1054BT, GP 6 range, GX105HD, GX125HD, GX106, GX106N,
GX126, HB510XL, HB610, LM105GHD, LM125GHD, LM106G, LM126G, LM146G/
GB, LM166G/GB, TA5GHD, TA510G 10’,12’ & 14’, TT105G & TT126G ,TB 3.5T,
TT3017 & TT3621.

and many more.